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1 Anna Mikadze-Chikvaidze is the head of the Georgian cheese producers’ guild, the founder of the “House of Cheese”.

  • Note: A visit to the cheese house is being organized, where Anna Mikadze-Chikvaidze will meet us, who will familiarize herself with the activities of the program participants on the spot and share her experience with them.

2. Mariam Kukunashvili – Founder of the New Life World Surrogate Motherhood Agency.

  • Note: A visit is being organized at the NEW LIFE center in Georgia, where program participants will familiarize themselves with the activities of the center and receive information about the development of one of the largest networks.

3. Natia Shavdia – Director of the Clinic of the CITO Medical Clinic, Visit and examination of the clinic.

4. Teona Akubardia – Deputy Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia.

  • Note: A visit is being organized to the presidential administration of Georgia, where the office of the National Security Council of Georgia is located. Teona Acubardia at the meeting, with the participants will share with his experience of successful activity.

5. Elena Khoshtariya – Member of the Georgian Parliament, One of the leaders of the Movement for Freedom – European Georgia party

  • Note: a visit is being organized to the Georgian Parliament in Tbilisi. During the meeting, Elena Khoshtaria with program participants to share with her experience.

6. Khatuna Lagazidze – Security and Defense Expert, Former Member of the Georgian National Security Council.

7. Magda Anikashvili – Well-known journalist and TV host of Georgia, Maestro TV, a former member of the Georgian parliament.

8. Ia Metreveli – Well-known Georgian expert, participant of the television intellectual game What? Where? When? owner of “Crystal Owl”.

9. Tinatin Rukhadze – Co-founder and Executive Director of the Scientific Consulting Company (ACT-Analysis & Consulting Team), Chairwoman of the Women’s Business Association “Women for the Future”.

10. Nino Bakakuri – Judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia, coach of the High School of Justice.

  • Note: a visit is being organized at the Supreme Court of Georgia in Tbilisi. During the meeting, Nino Bacakuri with program participants to share with their experiences.

11. Irma Daushvili – director and owner of the company DIO – Meeting / Excursion to the enterprise

12. Marina Kurtanidze – meeting and lecture on successful business from Marina Kurtanidze – winemaker, sommelier, founder of the wine company “Mandili”, owner of the wine cellar “At Grandpa Iago”, estate of Chardakhi, Mtskheta district. The venue of the event is Chardaha Manor.

13. Maya Jadzhanashvili is a producer of Georgian traditional sweets, a beneficiary of the USAID / REAP program.

14. Nino Zambakhidze is a round table with Nino Zambakhidze, one of those who started her business from scratch and achieved impressive results, besides, the first woman is the chairman of the Association of Georgian Farmers.

15. Tamar Digmelashvili – owner of the Tamari Winery – (Shashiani Manor, Gurdjaan District, Kakheti). Seminar from a successful winemaker, Inspection of Marani, vineyards, tasting of different brands of wine.

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