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Internship Project on Women’s Leadership Program in Georgia

What are you getting:

This project provides an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to meet and exchange experiences with successful women leaders of Georgia during lectures, meetings with Georgian colleagues, visits to enterprises organized by women entrepreneurs of Georgia.

This project is useful for women of different professions and businesses who already feel they are leaders and want to develop their potential. It allows you to unleash your additional talents, the potential of a true leader, and helps women become senior managers or managers of enterprises. Participants develop new skills, learn to solve problems in new, faster and more efficient ways, going beyond the usual and not always successful method. The project aims to promote business growth for women entrepreneurs. The main hypothesis of the project is the development hypothesis, which states that if women business owners can expand their human and social capital, having full access to all information, they can expand their business from the micro level to the level of high-yield enterprises.

First of all, the program enables women leaders to increase the efficiency of their work. The training helps to develop leadership skills, such as teamwork, the ability to engage and motivate staff, gives tools to see the potential of their subordinates and help them to open up. We offer you a project, the result of which will be special knowledge in the field of women’s leadership and social change, which will receive the project participants.

Women entrepreneurs will be provided with full technical and informational support, which will include individual and group counseling, participation in mentoring programs and the exchange of experience.

The program also includes excursions to the sights of Georgia, various entertainment shows, cooking classes and wine tastings.

After the final part of the seminars and trainings, the participants are awarded international certificates.

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