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Sairme – located at the 950 m. above the sea. The resort is surrounded with mountains, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. Sairme is famous for mineral waters; this balneological – climate resort helps to cure from chronicle diseases of digestion and urinary obstruction. The season starts from May till November.

It is a well known fact that it is much better to drink mineral waters on the spot than at home. While advising the use of mineral waters, a doctor selects a treatment method, giving due consideration to health status of the given patient. For instance, if the case concerns the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, it is necessary to pay attention to the original functional status of gastrointestinal organs and specific physical and chemical properties of the mineral water.

For instance, it is a confirmed fact that the mineral water Sairme, which is available in Sairme resort, improves blood circulation in liver, enhances spleen generation and secretion, causes upsurge in blood concentrations of bilirubin, cholesterol and cholic acid in liver, intensifies secretion of pancreatic juice and raises bicarbonate concentration in it. Besides, this medicinal water strengthens considerably and speeds up regenerative function, alters activities of redox enzymes. It boasts of antioxidant and sedative effects, stimulates secretion of stomach and pancreatic juices, improves blood circulation in internal organs. This effect coincides with increase in blood gastrin levels. If all these problems are familiar to you and are pressing then you should visit revived resort Sairme without fail. It is ready for hosting holiday makers.

Nana Gulua, Resort and balneotherapeutics expert: As a resort, Sairme started to function at the beginning of 30th of the 20th century. It was this time when studies in the medical properties and composition of mineral waters began. Unfortunately, by time the infrastructure deteriorated. Certainly there was no question about continuing to even thin about developing the resort under such conditions. Luckily, Sairme Development Company did a huge job together with Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. The situation in Sairme changed radically. Today visitors will witness there completely revamped, modern resort of the European level.

Sairme is a balneology resort with a unique climate and location where patients of gastrointestinal and urological profiles receive medical treatment with mineral waters. Apart from traditional balneo-procedures Medical-diagnostic-rehabilitation and tourism center of an international level it offers a renewed spa-center to its guests in the vicinity, where guests can receive the following procedures: balneotherapeutics, hydrotherapeutics, hydrocolonotherapeutics, massage, phyto-bar and oxygen cocktails, heloidotherapy (medical treatment with mud), gym and so on.

In addition, Sairme has a polyclinic, where patients are serviced by doctors of various profiles: gastroenterology, urology, therapy specialist, proctologist, cardiologist, diet specialist. Hence, guests will have everything to receive qualified medical service.

Every patient is supposed to act in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. Dosage and quantity in spa-center procedures are defined by a balneotherapy doctor. The major means of natural medical treatment of the spa-center is mineral, sulphate-calcium-sodium water, which is used in different procedures. Resort experts of Georgia have a thorough methodology, dosage and length with the least risk of side effects.

Apart from invited doctors, the resort is serviced by local specialists with both sound experience who nevertheless underwent extra re-training for the skills upgrade thanks to Sairme Development Company so that the guests take advantage of high quality medical service

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