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TAMADA for a wedding

Our company offers a famous toastmaster, highly professional and colorful in Georgia: – Levan Kvashali, Aleko Zakhashvili, etc.

One of the main symbols of the Georgian feast is Tamada. Flawless and brightly hold a meal – fine science and skill. They say it’s almost impossible to learn. But most Georgians often appear in the role of Tamada on these or other meals and inevitably comprehend this skill.

The master of the house or another respected worthy person from among the guests can become a toastmaster.

In Western Georgia, traditionally it is not accepted to accept an invitation to the role of Tamada immediately. And in the east – they agree without persuasion. This is part of the ritual.

Being in the role of Tamada is difficult!

Tamada is obliged to know the history of her homeland, manage to masterfully sing, tell a poem. And, most importantly, everything is done on time. To pronounce a meaningful toast, short or narrative, deep soulful or sparklingly funny – always original. Perfect Tamada never repeats toasts. He composes them on the fly. And at the same time, Tamada should not make a theater of one actor out of a meal. It is necessary to feel which guest to pay attention to, pass a toast, when to revive the conversation with a joke, and when to shut up. Mandatory for Tamada is the duty to monitor, so that people are not intoxicated. And at the same time do not hold back too much to offend anyone. The main idea of ​​the toast should remain unchanged, no matter how long the spoken speech was not. The one who utters it, should empty the horn (or glass) to the bottom, the rest of the guests will only have to sip.

Toasts are pronounced in the same order. Toast number one is pronounced for God, toast number two – for the Motherland, toast number three – for faith.

Then it is customary to speak for the deceased. The toast is pronounced, then clinked and drunk, as for the living. They explain it this way: while we are in this world, our memory is also alive of those who are no longer in this world.

Without fail, this toast is followed by a toast to sons and daughters and health – as a symbol of the continuing life.

Then there are speeches on various topics: for fathers and mothers, for the fair sex, for fidelity, for friends, for all who come to the table or leave it.

Georgians are very fond of and honor their homeland, so during any feast they make a toast to their country and the Georgian people.

Imagine – pre-wedding fuss … How to plan everything so that the wedding day will be remembered for you for life and memories of this day brought you sincere joy and delight? I assure you that if you yourself decided to plan a wedding, the best option is a wedding in Georgia with a Georgian toastmaster.

A real toastmaster will spend a feast so that your holiday will turn into an amazing fairy tale, which you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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