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For the gold of Colchis

Team building is an active corporate holiday aimed at team building.

The main goal of team building is to create a friendly trust, able to make the right decisions, to fulfill the goals set by the management.


  • Develops communication skills
  • Show Leaders
  • Each employee gives an opportunity to prove himself
  • Opens the ability to think creatively

How does the rallying take place?

Jointly obtained experience in non-standard situations – this is what is remembered and brings people together into the team.

What do employees get?

The mass of impressions, positive emotions that will continue to share with each other for a long time, therefore, continue to interact.

Traveling teambuilding is one of the most popular options for organizing business events. In this group, one can refer to team building in the country for one day. The benefits of this trip will be double. On the one hand, it helps to unite the collective, and on the other hand it allows employees to relax and rest, gaining strength for further work. In the program of leisure you can include both entertainment programs, adventure and sports team building games, quests, and culinary team building, which will in an unobtrusive manner bring the professional skills of employees to a new level.

Team-building events can be held in various formats: in the form of role games, team games, rope courses, etc. It can be corporate events in nature in the forest.

There are several types of team building:

  • Active team building
  • Sports team building
  • Historical team building
  • Creative team building

Our team of VITA TRAVEL employees is ready at the highest level to organize and conduct any of the most popular formats of team building. This is a mobile quest, where multifunctional cooperation is being developed, and we also have original teambuilding, among them “Argonauts and the Golden Fleece”, “Behind the Gold Rabat”, and the most popular – “Caucasian Captive”.

Our company is fully responsible for organizational matters: you will need a minimum of participation. We provide a detailed financial statement of costs: customer confidence and mutual respect are highly valued.

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