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Resorts of Georgia

Mild climate, fresh air, an abundance of thermal springs and deposits of healing mud and the beaches of the Black Sea coast – these are the main therapeutic factors of Georgia. Georgian resorts known since the times of the USSR – the famous Borjomi, Tskhaltubo, Sairme, Ureki.

With the revival of tourism in Georgia, balneologists and balneologists perked up – and today Georgian health resorts can offer very high-quality and successful treatment for a whole range of diseases at very affordable prices. This direction in the foreign tourism market is not the most popular so far – in order to improve their health, tourists prefer to go to “another foreign country” – to the Czech Republic and Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, and finally to the Dead Sea. Naturally, any of the above countries has something to boast about in the field of healing and rejuvenation … However, today Georgia can offer a lot of the notorious “middle and upper middle manager” that undermined young health in bright offices.


The balneological – climate resort, situated at the 800-900 m. above the sea. The 65% of the territory is covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. The main healing factor of this resort is the healing climate and the world famous mineral springs, having the positive affect on digestion systems and the diseases, caused by disfunction of metabolism, chronicle diseases of liver and jaundice as well as the cardiovascular disorders. The season here is open from April till October.


Kobuleti is located at 25 km. from Batumi at the Black Sea coast. Kobuleti has a distinguishable microclimate unlike other climate resorts of the sea. Its main treatment factor is humid ionized air. There are churches, mosques, hotels and guesthouses here. The Black Sea resorts are recommended for treating the diseases of cardio vascular, central nervous systems and articulations.


Located at the 950 m. above the sea. The resort is surrounded with mountains, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. Sairme is famous for mineral waters; this balneological – climate resort helps to cure from chronicle diseases of digestion and urinary obstruction. The season starts from May till November.


The seacoast climate resort is located at 42 km. from Batumi. The eastern part of the city is boarded with mountainous areas. The climate here is dumpy, subtropical. The sea, sun and magnetic sands provide with excellent opportunity for a holiday and treatment. There are hotels, sanatoriums, cafes, restaurants, bungalows and nightclubs there. This resort is very good for the diseases on cardiovascular organs, musculo skeletal apparatus and peripheral organs. The magnetic property of the sand in Ureki is especially useful for children and teenagers.


The resorts is famous for the medical thermal waters, having the most unique qualities. The waters are mild, pure and free of smell. Its temperature is 35 degrees, flowing out from springs right into the bathrooms, without heating, or cooling. Treatment procedure is held in the flowing water as a result of which, the water constantly keeps medical properties and the relative temperature. The springs of Tskaltubo cures from the diseases of the following organs and systems: musculo skeletal apparatus, cardio vascular, nervous systems, gynecologic and skin diseases; among all these is infertility; the resort is also useful for the treatment of the cardio and vein diseases. Another natural treatment factor, discovered at the resort is karstic caves, the microclimate of which has been successfully used for the treatment of the hypertonic diseases, bronchial asthma and neurosis. The season here is open from April till December.

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