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“VITA GARDENIA HOTEL TSKALTUBO” warmly welcomes you to Tskaltubo resort, Georgia

  • From Tbilisi to Tskaltubo (243 km \ 3 hours 40 min by car)
  • From the Tbilisi bus station near the subway “Didube” buses departure to Tskaltubo, in every 1-2 hours (the last one departs at 5.00 pm). Cost – 20 GEL per person.
  • From the bus station in Kutaisi, you can take a shuttle bus to Tskaltubo, the cost of a ticket is 1 GEL or by taxi, for 20 GEL;
  • Kutaisi airport – Tskaltubo Resort transfers by shuttle bus – the cost of a ticket is 5 GEL or by taxi, for 25-30 GEL;

The hotel opened in 2021. A 4 floor building hidden in greenery, with a beautiful and unique topiary garden in Georgia, an amazing landscape surrounded by eucalyptus and tropical trees, beautiful views on the Samgurali valley and Meskheti mountain.

The 20-room hotel is located in Tskaltubo resort, near the Stalin’s old Villa and just 750 meters from the resort’s central park, where the N1, N2 and N6 radon termal water medical-rehabilitation and balneological centers are located. The total area of ​​the hotel is 4000 m2.

We offer the following services:

– 1, 2, and 3 person rooms with balconies and picturesque nature views. All rooms have, iron, hairdryer, safe, kettle, satellite TV, free high-speed Wi-Fi, climate-control system, linen, robe, towel and toiletries, refrigerator.

– The room for disabled persons;

– Doctor’s cabinet;

– Massage room;

– Outdoor swimming pool;

– Dining room – Buffet and A la Carte tables and menus.

– Open terrace with panoramic views;

– Outdoor bar;

– Luggage storage room;

– Souvenir shop;

– Open courtyards and barbecue area;

– Wine cellar;

– Table tennis;

– Parking.

In additional fee:

– Consult a doctor;

– Deep pressure massage;

– General local massage;

– Anti-cellulite massage;

– Reflex massage;

– Head massage;

– Laundry;

– Transfer / Tours / Excursions.

– Bicycles;

– Taxi service;

– Quad bike tours;

– Masterclasses of local cooking;

– Event organization;

– Wine tasting.



Address: 7 Samakashvili str. 5400, Tskaltubo/GEORGIA

For Booking: +995 555 788811

E-mail: vitagardenia@gmail.com

More information: http://vitagardenia.ge

  1. Our advantages:

The guest house has qualified staff, a doctor therapist.

  • Treatment centers and doctors on duty take 7 days a week
  • Therapeutic procedures for children from 4 years
  • Dietary nutrition
  • 4000 m2 landscaped recreational area 


Unique thermal healing mineral waters

Tskaltubo located in western Georgia, in the valley Tskhaltubo, 7 km. from Kutaisi and 70 kms. from the Black Sea, 95-120 meters above sea level.

Among the most famous resorts of Georgia Tskaltubo holds a special place. It was one characterized by peculiar features due to geographical location, favorable climate and the presence of unique thermal healing mineral waters with nitrogen and radon.Profile and geographic location Tskaltubo refers to balneological foothill resort humid subtropical climate with very hot summers and mild winters. Climate isinfluenced by the Black Sea and the southern slopes of the Main Caucasian Range, which protects the resort from the invasion of cold air masses from the north.

Information about it’s miraculous springs, goes back to antiquity. Scientific studies indicate that Tskaltubo was known in the XII century (the so-called “tshaltubskie bath”). A number of the legends about the miraculous power of the water sources Tskaltubo. Translated from the Georgian language “Tskaltubo” means “hot water”

Recommended medical course 15-20 days.

This unique water can cure the following:

• Diseases of locomotor system

• Diseases of cardiovascular system

• Diseases of nervous system

• Gynecological disorders – sterility

• Skin diseases

• Disturbance of metabolism and others

Besides 15-20 days programs there is 3 days short body relaxing program.

Wide range of water procedures as well as physiotherapy and massage

  • Spinal horizontal extension in mineral water
  • Horizontal extension combined in mineral water
  • Hydro massage in mineral water
  • Treatment exercise in pool
  • Indoor treatment exercise
  • Treatment classical manual massage
  • Gynecologic irrigation and a bath mineral water
  • Hydro – vibro massage
  • Circular shower
  • Rising shower
  • “Sharko” Shower
  • Physiotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Mechano – therapy in mineral water
  • Application of mineral mud (peloidoterapy):

Important information:

Although the Tskhaltubo resort is specialized in pelotherapy, mud applications also are available at the medical treatment centers.

The water`s fruitful influence on the human body has been known since time immemorial. Today, modern medical and rehabilitation equipment makes it possible to treat and prevent various diseases and improve the body tones as never before.

Tskaltubo resort provides a special technique of receiving baths. The peculiarity is that treatment takes place under the constantly running water (during the procedure mineral water continuously flows into and out of the bath), which allows water to stably retain its physical, chemical and therapeutic characteristics, the uniformity of its own and a constant temperature.

Another natural curative factor has been discovered at the place. And it is a karsts cave microclimate, which (especially that of the “White Cave”), has been successfully used for treatment of hypertensive disease, asthma and neurosis (currently the improvement works are being conducted).

“Vita Garden” is perfect for Tskaltuboresort guests who prefer to relax closer to the city center, but at the same time in a small and comfortable guest house amid the nature with a gorgeous garden and a green environment

The contraindications for treatment at Tskaltubo resort.

General contraindications, excluding Directions of patients to any resorts 

1. All diseases in the acute stage, chronic diseases in acute and complicated purulent processes.

2. Acute infectious diseases before the expiry of the insulation.

3. All venereal diseases in the acute and contagious form.

4. Mental illness. All forms of drug addiction, alcoholism. Epilepsy.

5. All blood diseases in acute stage and exacerbation stage.

6. Cachexia of any origin.

7. Malignant neoplasm.

8. Frequently repetitive or heavy bleeding.

9. Pregnancy in all periods – in spa resorts and mud, and climatic health resorts, starting from 26 week.

In addition, in all stages of pregnancy, pregnant should not be directed to the resorts and sanatoriums:

a) mud-bath spa for gynecological diseases;

b) for the treatment extragenital diseases with rodon baths;

c) The inhabitants of the plains to the mountain resorts located at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

10. All forms of tuberculosis in an active stage – for all resorts and sanatoriums of tubercular profile.

True Imeretian “pearls” 

Visitors guide.

We will be glad to suggest our Guest the trails around the region, which will lead you to interesting natural sites, historical monuments and cultural attractions. You will visit true Imeretian “pearls” – thousand- year- old monasteries, historical buildings, amazing wonders of nature, including mountains, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and you will come across many other attractions. You will also have an occasion to taste delicious Georgian food and wine.No doubt, you should spend a day on the Black Sea, which is only an hour drive from Tskaltubo resort.

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